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OTAZEN, founded in the early nineties, has become one of the leading companies in the furniture industry. OTAZEN produces quality furniture for many companies from different countries, reaching five continents.
OTAZEN, always led by his founding team has experienced a gradual increase in activities, positioning itself as a leader in furniture production for different sectors of hostelry, domestic and contract.
Manufacturing processes pursue the European quality standard by a professional and industrialized system and respecting the craftsmanship itself.
In the mid 2000s, OTAZEN, decided to directly address the European market and launched new facilities in Barcelona, including headquarters and the main regulator warehouse for Europe, where their own collections for home use are marketed and where logistics is managed for hostelry and contract.
The COC and SVLK  certificates, obtained and renewed annually, describe us as a company actively involved in the concept of sustainability, concerned about the care of the environment of raw materials and respect for the environment.

We create and implement global, effective and innovative solutions, that contribute to the business developments of our clients.

We are a leading company specialising in the production and use of quality wood.

We have the ability to personalize attention worldwide.

We are our most demanding client, we demand the best in every project.

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